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Key players in the Indian Laundry Industry, part of the major successful laundries in the country. Representing leading International companies for their equipment and manufacturers of steam irons, vacum tables, spotting machines, dry cleaning machines, dryers, washers, shirt packing machines, automated laundry systems, roll press, bed sheet packer, flat work ironer, chest ironer, form finisher, trouser topper, mushroom press, body bosom press, shirt sleever, tilting washer extractor, garment conveyor, hydrocarbon drycleaning, temporary marking machine, permanent marking machine, shirt folding table, folder stacker, towel folder, spotting board, heaterless iron, hand steamer, portable boilers, tefflon shoes, collar-cuff press, shirt packing machine, linen packing machine, soft mount washer extractors, hard mount washer extractors, hydro extractor calendering machine, dish washers.

AQUARIUS APPLIANCES Pvt Ltd is one of India’s reputed providers of laundry equipment and turnkey solutions.


Starting in 1990 as a manufacturer of garment finishing equipment, we diversified into the allied field of laundry equipment for the hotel and hospitality industry in 2006. Known for our superior products and efficient services, we have gained a reputation of being one of the most quality-conscious and competitively priced laundry equipment providers. We are looking at expanding our capabilities by also providing machinery to address other washing and drying needs.

Dish Washers
We provide consultation services to help you set up turnkey solutions for laundry plants. As part of our laundry design services, we provide layout plans for proposed laundry sites. We conduct a workflow analysis to help you decide the kind of machines you would require for your processes. We provide water and wastewater treatment solutions for washing operations. We have a team of trained and experienced Engineers that provides prompt and effective after sales service.