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Turnkey Projects

We provide consultation services to help you set up turnkey solutions for laundry plants. We take a comprehensive approach in assessing the processing environment and requirements of the project, ensuring seamless functioning of the plant.

With our expertise and access to high-end technology, we guide you in putting up an efficient laundry for your facility. Our complete laundry plant solutions include:

  • Design (site survey, layout and associated planning)
  • Selection of laundry machines
  • Selection of allied equipment like Boiler, Air Compressor , ETP plant etc
  • Installation
  • Commissioning 
  • Training
  • Layout for services like Plumbing, Cabling, HVAC, ETP, Dosing systems etc
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
Layout Planning

As part of our laundry design services, we provide layout plans for proposed laundry sites. This layout would show placement of laundry equipment, utility requirements, equipment elevations, foundation requirements and other details.
We can conduct professional survey of proposed site and prepare the best suited layout to achieve:

  • Smooth linen flow
  • Maximum productivity
  • Space management ( for operation, maintenance & linen storage )
Selection of Machines

We conduct a workflow analysis to help you decide the kind of machines you would require for your processes. We help you select the best machine combination depending upon:

  • Type of Industry
  • Nature of products
  • Proposed loads
  • Space availability
Water Treatment Solutions

We provide water and wastewater treatment solutions for washing operations.  A thorough understanding of every step of the process helps in effective management of the water quality. This includes:

  • Selection of a suitable treatment plant to avail required hardness/ PPM in feed water
  • Selection of suitable ETP for environment friendly disposal of waste water

We can also help in effective management of water consumption with the help of a suitable reuse system.


We have a team of trained and experienced Engineers that provides prompt and effective after sales service. We ensure proper and regular maintenance of all machines during warranty as well as after warranty period.

After warranty, we provide service backup in various modules like:


Comprehensive AMC

This includes cost of replaced parts and labour charges.

Non-comprehensive AMC

This includes repair and services only, with cost of replaced parts to be borne by the customer.

On call basis

This includes attending to urgent maintenance requirements. The technicians diagnose the problem, fix it and test the system to verify that it works properly.


Under an annual maintenance contract, we cover both preventive as well as break down maintenance. We arrange for periodical visits by senior officers, and also check the quality of job execution.
We provide advance intimation about spares requirement and minimum stock to be preserved, to help minimise break down period.